Paperback Shelf

Are you looking for books that you can “check out,” but don’t have to worry about due dates or if you accidentally lose them? We can help you with that at the Spirit Lake Public Library!

We have a whole wall shelf loaded with paperbacks that are not bar coded, and therefore, do not need to be officially “checked out.”

This shelf is located at the front of the library just to the right of the newspaper rack. These books work well for out-of-towners, people who do not have a library card at the SLPL, someone going on vacation, snowbirds, etc. It’s an “on your honor” type system where you can take some paperback books, keep them as long as you need, and then bring them back when you are done.

Before you walk out the door, however . . .

Please let the staff at the front desk know how many books you are borrowing so we can write that down. We include it in our circulation numbers. Even though these paperbacks are not bar coded, we would like them returned! When you bring the books back, just slip them into any one of the book drops (inside at the circulation desk, inside entryway, outside on the west side), so we can check them for repairs and/or clean them. Please do NOT reshelve the books yourself.


Included in this book exchange are a few puzzles!

They are located below the paperback bookshelf. The same rules apply for the puzzles: let us know how many you are borrowing and bring them to the circulation desk when returning. We hope you enjoy this “on your honor” option for books and puzzles!