Book Club

The library Book Club meets twice per month during the summer, once per month during the school year. 

  • Book Club is open to any adult who would like to participate.
  • Book Club will meet at 10:30 a.m. on the 3rd Monday of the month
  • Depending on how many are planning to attend, Book Club will be held in the Community Room.
  • Your responsibility as an attendee is to come prepared. Have the book read and be ready to discuss!
  • To request to have your name added to the email list, call Cindy Davis at 336-2667 or email her at


We often take pictures and videos at our events. Here's why.

View our calendar to confirm dates.

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                         June 10th                    June 24th                    July 8th                    July 22nd                   August 12th               August 26th 


Online Book Clubs:

Have you ever wished that your book club met at 11:00 PM or you could go to your meeting with your PJs on? If so then you might want to try an online Book Club!